Service Offerings

We offer tailor-made solutions to foreign companies who are focusing on India for investment opportunities, market access and growth. We guide foreign companies to tap the enormous potential offered by the Indian market. We help foreign companies realize their business objectives in India by sharing our knowledge of Indian business practices and rules.

Our services also shorten the lead-time and minimize the risk factors for our clients. In a nutshell, ACG’s expertise, global insight and innovative tools help the world’s leading companies maximize their potential in India. The services we offer are broadly classified under the following categories:


India Entry

India Entry Services include providing sector specific reports, industry and competitor mapping, suggesting market entry strategies and initial hand-holding. We will assist and guide you with everything required to set up in India. We will also help you get reliable legal, tax and incorporation advice.


If you are attracted by the huge potential the Indian market represents for your products and/or services but want to test the market before making an all out commitment, we can help you do that. We will represent you in India and market your products and/or services like a partner or an extended arm of your organisation.

Strategic Alliances

We will help you find the right JV partner in India to help you grow your business. The JV partner will be identified based on matching your requirements with the potential partner’s strengths and know-how. We will also do a background check on the potential partner for market credibility and any potential red flags. In addition we will guide you through the legal process ensuring, with our knowledge of the Indian business culture, that the JV agreements adequately protect your interests and at the same time are mutually beneficial for long term sustainability.

Investment Advisory

We have in-house expertise in deal sourcing, deal structuring, financial modeling and due diligence management. We can not only create a pipeline of investment opportunities for you, we can also front-end the entire transaction for you and structure the investments within the investment parameters provided by you. In addition, we can help prepare presentations and financial models for your investment committees, and manage the due diligence process for you thus reducing the costs involved at your end. Form our experience, we will also be able to advise you on key elements in the investment agreements that would be required to protect your investment in the Indian business and legal environment.


You need a raw material for your product or you need to procure a service from India, we will find you what you need at the best terms possible. And we will not end there, we will guide you through the process and help in getting the product or service at the quality and terms promised to you.