If you are looking to expand your business in India, then we are the network you were looking for.

For more than 15 years we have helped international companies expand their businesses effectively in India. We are honest, reliable, transparent and result oriented in our approach with more than 100 years of experience in international business within our team.


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About Us

Anchit Consulting Group (ACG) is a Delhi based consulting firm which specializes in helping international companies expand their businesses in India. Whether it is selling their products in India, procuring raw material from India or finding strategic partners in India, we work with our clients as partners and help them achieve their objectives – in the process creating long lasting and mutually beneficial business associations

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Service Offerings

We offer tailor-made solutions to foreign companies who are focusing on India for investment opportunities, market access and growth. We guide foreign companies to tap the enormous potential offered by the Indian market. We help foreign companies realize their business objectives in India by sharing our knowledge of Indian business practices and rules.

Our services also shorten the lead-time and minimize the risk factors for our clients. In a nutshell, ACG’s expertise, global insight and innovative tools help the world’s leading companies maximize their potential in India. The services we offer are broadly classified under the following categories:

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After having worked with our clients for some time, if we together believe that there is a much larger potential not just in the market but also in the association with each other, then we are open to creating a partnership / JV with our clients. A far stronger relationship than a representation, we carefully choose our partners with whom we are open to setting up JVs with the Indian market in mind. Our partners must have the same motivation, enthusiasm and confidence in the Indian market as us.

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